Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"'Tis in my memory locked"

Today marks the last day for our dress rehearsal. Lines have been memorized, as well as entrances, exits, and blocking too! We will be running rehearsal in costume, with all the set pieces so that the kids can really get a feel for how it will be on performance day. We will work on being quiet during scene changes, and if the kids can make it through the play in its entirety this afternoon, we have promised them a cast party. Let's see how they do!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The expectancy and rose of the fair state"

With the Taft Elementary performance well on its way, our group of young talent has begun the staging process. We are encouraging children to wonder about their actions on stage.

This should get them thinking about how their characters will move on and off stage for entrances and exits, what physical actions to do during their lines, and also, whether they have speaking parts or not, how to act as extras (soldiers, attendants) and stage props (fireplace, trees).

All actors share one great thing in common, they are all integral parts to the whole, focusing on a single, dynamic goal.

The troupe is working extremely well together so far. It is amazing how many ideas they set forth for one another.

We want to continue successfully going through the script, and our biggest hope, which I faithfully believe will come true, is that the children will have their lines completely memorized by Monday.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Friends to this ground."

"Shake It Up After School" is proud to present its talented group of debuting actors and actresses at Taft Elementary. Their first-ever acting project will be William Shakespeare's Hamlet presented in the style of Greek chorus. This means that the children will be working closely with one another on their lines in order to have one collective voice emphasizing the dramatic action in the play. It also means that there will be extra acting techniques throughout the performance such as pantomime. To help gear the children toward the idea of following one another on stage and keeping together, they have been playing theater games which allow them to mime and mirror each other, as well as those that help them work on their voice projection in unison. So far, the chorus is giving the children, as actors and actresses, a better understanding of Hamlet because it is helping to identify and express the main characters' emotions. The participating audience will surely benefit from this as well when the time comes!